Products Apparition – Corporate Magic

Products Apparition (Corporate Magic)

A surprising apparition will make a hold on the customer’s mind. An outstanding experience based on doing extraordinary things right in the eyes of the customers.

If  the Company`s goal is to make famous or add value to a product, magic has all the tools to do so. Magic is a feelings booster and leads to experience unforgettable moments. Your corporate image, values and the feelings that you want to generate are transmitted easily and directly through out of the ordinary experiences, to generate a warm and comfortable memory. In this way the customer will want to relive the experience and even recommend it.  In conclusion, a magical and spectacular apparition magnifies promotion and product sales.

From a new model of a watch, clothing,appliances, jewelry, or even launching a new model for a vehicle. In  Magical Appearances Mallorca, we can bring up what you need in an original way and fully customized.


A new concept in magic

A dynamic group of professionals at your service

A magic show exclusive in Mallorca